Monday, April 8, 2013

Poor for hanging but real culprit is out and free: mockery of Indian Judicial System

Our organisation has been supporting the case of Ramji and Suresh ji for a long time. We hope people of this country recognise the value of life and power of forgiveness.

Recognizing the voice of dalit and marginalized of India

Under “People” of human dignity forum, you will find extraordinary personalities who help achieve true change in the world with their courage and commitment on behalf of human rights.

The forum publish about 13 people Basha, Amal, Ben Mhenni, Lina, Bensedrine, Sihem, Darwish, Mazen, Eid, Gamal, Hassan, Bahey eldin, Karman, Tawakkol, Koirala, Anuradha, Mukwege, Denis, Nasraoui, Radhia, Raghuvanshi, Lenin, Seif El Dawla, Aida, Zeitouneh, Razan

People at the PVCHR are honoured for the name of Lenin Raghuvanshi, Founder and Executive Director in the category of People published