Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reality of violence against women: a story of patriarchal local thinking bringing impact on international media

On the eve of international women day PVCHR is delighted to share the video “The Man In The Guava Tree: A Story on Media Ethics and Global Responsibility”

One of founder of PVCHR Shruti read the story published in media and she immediately doubt on patriarchal manipulation from local media people. After she shared the story and her doubt to the activist of PVCHR.  

Immediately the activist went to verify the information and talked with Sanjay his mother Kushma Devi and also with Sanjay Sister Nisha.

After knowing the one side fact the activist went to meet with Sanjay’s wife Tara. She said that I was a branded as a witch and they asked me to leave the house along with children and they dragged me out. I started crying and asked my mother in law that where I would go with children. My sister in law said there was no space for evil spirits inside the house.

I had to spent days without food and whenever I got something I shared it with my children. One day my sister in law dragged me on road from near the house and I came to my mother’s house with children. Upset and in tension my husband climbed up a Guava tree.

I don’t want my husband to climb down the tree which he is living on due to my mother in law and my sister in law. I don’t want to stay with my in laws and once my husband gets down I will bring him to my parents house. My children are crying for their father and I am crying for my husband. Until I am able to live with my husband and children I will not get relief. I fear what my husband might be eating and when I try to eat something I cry.
But it is mostly a story about the media's chase for news with a sensational value of patriarchal mind set at the expense of the truth-value to whom Sanjay and his wife Tara fell victims. 

But without knowing the fact few media published “Man lives in tree for nine months - and won't come down until wife says sorry for cheating on him.”

Cuckolded Indian man lives in tree for nine months waiting for apology


During that time an volunteer Ms. Sofie Rordam from Denmark was in PVCHR for technical assistance in corporation with Dignity : danish Institue against torture.She went along with activists and prepared the documentary. Please watch the story and fight back patriarchy in India in particulars and in world in general.

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